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What I am Doing to Prepare for my Wedding as a Dietitian

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Wedding season is a big season in anyone's life. Becoming a bride can lead to a lot of stress. There is so much to plan, so much to budget for and so many decisions to make! On top of all of the added work to your plate, you also have an immense amount of pressure to look your most beautiful- and, no doubt, everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day. There is a lot of commentary on the so called "wedding body". You will see it everywhere when you start scrolling Wedding-Tok: "shredding for the wedding", "wedding diet", "wedding cleanse"- you name it you can probably find some type of drastic advice. While I am not immune to the desire to look and feel my best on my wedding day- I also want to stay true to my beliefs- that looking and feeling my best is not determined by a number on the scale. That sticking to health promoting behaviors will keep my looking and feeling my best not only on my wedding day, but throughout my life!

So what am I doing to prepare for my wedding? Keep reading for the details!

  1. Prioritizing sleep- sleep is something we think we can push to the side. However- we cannot do this! Sleep is essential not only to physical health but to mental well being. I am really trying to stick to a stricter sleep schedule not only for my health but my sanity. I want to be energized to work, move and plan as needed! This is an emotional time and lack of sleep will not be beneficial to me during this time.

  2. Meal Planning- this is something I already do- and I will keep doing this. Meal planning allows me to save time during the week. Having leftovers will allow me to take care of any business I may need to. I like to plan a minimum of 2 dinners, 2 lunches and 1 breakfast (to make multiple days) throughout the week- use your leftovers!

  3. Keeping Movement "Sacred"- exercise is a form of stress relief for me. It feels good and I do NOT want to turn it into a form of punishment. I will continue to move my body. I love feeling strong, so I will be incorporating lower intensity strength training to build lean muscle and support my metabolic health.

  4. Mindful Walks- this is my favorite way to start my mornings. This gets me out of bed without scrolling. This is typically a 10-15 minute stroll outside. It can be headphone free or to a podcast- whichever you prefer. It is a great way to get some fresh air, get your blood flowing and energize you for the day- and bonus for not starting on social media!

  5. Focusing on PFPF (protein, fat, produce, fiber): my favorite way to build a meal! This will ensure my meals are balanced, satisfying and will keep me energized for hours!

  6. Adding more Carbohydrate In- believe it or not, I recently did a review of my own intake and realized I could use more carbs in my diet! Making sure I get this in for brain power and energy to support my cellular and metabolic health is important. I have been incorporating an extra serving of fruit and making sure my fiber source also is a source of carbohydrates in most meals.

  7. Journaling- I want to remember this season and be able to look back on this time. Doing a journal (at least once a week) will help me to reflect on the week, note my emotions and be mindful of this time.

I LOVE working with brides. If you are a fellow bride-to-be let me know how I can support you during this time. Remember- there is a lot of pressure to go hard and fast. Slow change is superior in every way (like fostering a healthy relationship takes time!). If you are interested in working with a dietitian before your wedding day- contact me and we can see how my 12-week individualized nutrition program can help support YOU!

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