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Signs You Need to Improve your Relationship with Food

While Valentine's Day focuses on our romantic relationships- I want to take the time to talk about your relationship with food. No matter if you want to lose weight, improve your lab values, get more energy or improve your gut health- it is important you evaluate how you feel about food and your relationship toward food. We have to eat every day and food will always be a part of social gatherings and celebrations.

So do you need to re-evaluate your relationship with food?

Here are 4 signs you need to re-evaluate your relationship with food.

  1. you think about food ALL of the time

  2. you don't allow yourself to keep certain foods in the house because you think you will lose control

  3. you feel guilty for feeling full after a meal or snack

  4. you are afraid of entire food groups

Many of us feel like food is the enemy, many of us think this is going to have to be a part of day for the rest of our lives- not true! I was stuck in a diet cycle when I was in high school and am fortunate enough to have healed my relationship with food through my study of nutrition- I thought I would go in learning about “diets” but the science taught me so much more! It is SO freeing to know how to 1. Nourish your body for what it needs and 2. Know you can have food you like, without binging and either reach your goals or live a healthy lifestyle!

My main goal for my clients is to help them achieve food freedom and reach their goals. Apply for my Food & You Renew here and transform your relationship with food and your approach to nutrition!

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