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PSA: Losing that 10 Pounds Does Not Equal Confidence.

When I speak with women about why they want to start focusing on their nutrition or the why behind their desires to lose weight- they often mention wanting to feel "confident".

A lot of women have experienced insecurities or poor body image throughout their lives. There is no doubt that nutrition can play a vital role in how you feel in your body- whether it is bloating, digestive issues, energy levels or even mental health- nutrition can absolutely renew all of these aspects! However- when it comes to confidence- it is important to remember that women of ALL shapes and sizes can be both confident or insecure. Often times, women feel both of these at various times throughout their week- despite if their scale changes.

Weight does not equate to total confidence or self-love. This is important to remember. This is because confidence cannot be our only motivator for change and cannot be the only outcome we are searching for on our health and wellness journey. I do not want to discount anyone who has lost weight and felt more confident afterwards. If you are in a body that does not feel like yours and you finally reach your body's happy weight, are feeling strong and energetic- it is amazing you feel more confident! These are valid feelings. However- our bodies continue to change throughout life and it is important to be able to be confident and feel comfortable in all phases of life.

So how do I start? Start by accepting your body where it is! In order to stop hating your body- it is important to accept it where it is. This does not mean you have to feel positive and absolutely love your body- no one does all the time. It does mean you need to check the negative self talk at the door and start being intentional about reducing it.

For example, take "I hate my body" or "I have such a fat stomach" to "My body feels uncomfortable today, and that is okay" or "I am thankful that my body allows me to _______ every day".

It is important to know that poor body image days happen to every body- and it is normal to feel this way. That does not mean you are failing or that you are alone in these feelings. Thoughts are not facts and it can be a part of your day without being your whole day.

Another important part of building confidence is being kind to yourself. Change does not come from hate- you cannot hate yourself healthy! Take it one day at a time and think about specific behaviors that can help you feel good in your body and show your body some love. Some examples of this could be getting enough sleep, hydration, eating more fiber, moving, social connection or doing a mindful walk.

I work with my clients to improve their relationships with their body, food and how to reimagine what exercise means for them!

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