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Welcome to Emma the Dietitian!

Mindful Eating and my Nutrition Philosophy as a RD

I believe that understanding nutrition, improving your relationship with food and increasing interoceptive awareness can lead to reaching and feeling your best in your body!

My name is Emma, a registered dietitian based in Atlanta, Georgia. I studied nutrition in both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I became a registered dietitian in 2019 after I passed by RD exam and completed my Masters of Science in nutrition in 2021. I decided to start Emma the Dietitian because I saw space missing in my industry. I felt it was either having an "intuitive eating" mindset, allowing all foods to fit and not having any thought regarding weight or body goals OR having a rigid relationship with food, nutrition and exercise. I believe we CAN have a healthy relationship with food while having goals regarding weight. More importantly- I wanted to emphasize (first and foremost) fostering a healthy relationship with food. I believe this is key to having a healthy lifestyle- for life!

My goal, through this blog and my social media pages, is to provide tips on mindful eating and having a healthy relationship with food or exercise, post delicious and nutritious recipes, educate on nutrition information and recommend products that I love that keep me living my best.

I have struggled with having a healthy relationship with food and what that means for my body too!

As you can see from the graphic above, I too have struggled with my relationship with food. On the left was me in high school, where I felt I was on a never ending hamster wheel of new diets that only left me feeling like crap. Not to mention, I feared food and felt out of control with food. On the right was when my relationship with food was healed. I was able to enjoy ANY food without guilt or feeling like I could not control myself. I also understood what movement meant for my body. Most importantly, my mindset had improved with food.

I Studied for Years- So You Don't Have To.

It should not take getting a master's degree in nutrition to feel at peace with food. For those who have been stuck in the diet cycle for years- it can feel like it will never end. However, it CAN end and is possible for you.

I am Here for You!

I am here for you and most importantly, I want to hear from you! Let me know how I can best serve you and what area of nutrition just isn't clicking.

If you have thought about getting support with nutrition before- let's chat. I provide 12 weeks of individualized nutrition coaching in my Food & You Renew Program. Together we explore stabilizing nutrition intake, taking power back from food and making progress with your goals within YOUR life! Contact me via my website or feel free to DM me on Instagram.

Comment below what would be most helpful for you to see.

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