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Managing a Healthy Holiday Weekend

juggling your relationship with food and your goals can be TRICKY during any holiday- here are a few tips that can help!

1. Set an intention! So important- this can help you acknowledge what you want out of the day. When you start to feel overwhelmed, anxious or upset- bring your mind back to your intention and focus on that!

What is an intention? An example of this could be managing alcohol intake during the holidays. "I intend to have 3-4 drinks throughout the day"- could be one example. Another could be: "I will have set meals instead of grazing throughout the day".

2. Eat your protein! We can eat treats AND still get in nutritious foods. Protein will help keep your full, satisfied and regulate that blood sugar! Eating throughout the day is important to keep your blood sugar stable and prevent over eating later on.

For example- crackers are great- can we add in some hummus, cheese or Greek yogurt dip to boost the protein?

3. If you don’t want something, say no. We do not have to eat everything in the kitchen! If something is not going to satisfy you, don’t put it on your plate- save room for the good stuff 🍠🍷🥦🥩🍪

We do not need others to tell us what to eat- we CAN trust ourselves. If you have a family that puts a lot of pressure on eating or makes food comments- remind yourself of this prior to the holiday. Remember- it is OKAY to set a boundary with your family- your body means you get to decide what food you want to put in it!

4. Do not compare plates- every body needs different amounts of food, wants different types of food and has it’s one metabolic function. Do not food judge yourself or others! Trying to eat the smallest amount you can does not make you better than anyone else. Additionally, you are not (insert negative adjective here- bad/fat/gross) for eating more than the person next to you! Think about navigating table conversation away from "good" vs "bad" foods- the whole table will thank you.

5. If you feel out of control, doing a food check-in halfway through your plate can be beneficial! Take a moment to consider how full you are now, if you recognize you are starting to get full, you may not need to finish your plate

If you want help navigating ALL seasons of life- I am taking 1:1 clients now! My program helps women navigate nutrition, mindful eating and social situations all while improving their relationship with food AND reaching their goals.

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