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How to Increase Your Protein Intake Easily with these 3 Easy to Use Products.

When it comes to nutrition- I love easy solutions! Protein can be hard to prepare and can be intimidating. These are three easy-to-use products that can boost your protein at meals. Best part is- this list does not include protein bars or protein powders!

  1. Carton Egg Whites

  2. Bone Broth/Bone Broth Packets

  3. Higher Protein Milks

Learn more below!


I love using egg whites in breakfast, lunch and dinner meals! This is not meant to replace regular eggs (the yolk is a serious multivitamin itself!) but I do love to mix this in with an egg or two for additional protein. You can also easily cook this into your oatmeal or baked goods, put in stir fries or even cook into protein pancakes.


If you have never tried bone broth- it is worth the try- especially with this changing of seasons. This brand is LONOLIFE and is bone broth "on-the-go". These easy-to-make packets are simply stirred with 8 oz of warm liquid and pack 10 grams of protein. Traditional or homemade bone broth is delicious as well. Not a fan of drinking broth on its own? No worries! Try cooking your brown rice or quinoa in bone broth and you will easily boost the protein content with your carbs. A great way to incorporate the PFPF lifestyle!


If almond milk is your go to- you may want to rethink your choice if protein is a concern. Almond milk is a lower protein milk and you can easily add in 8-10+ grams of protein from alternatives. Whether it is cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, pea milk or a blend of milks- it can be a great way to easily add some protein. Whether having it alone with a snack, blending in a smoothie, having with cooked cereals like oats, adding to soups or more! We do not have to fear milks with calories- some of the calories actually come from protein!

Curious about some of my other favorite products? Check out some of my favorite pantry staples here!

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