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Food Freedom & Weight Loss

Can you achieve food freedom and have weight loss goals?

The health and wellness field- like many things in our society- has become very tense with beliefs regarding weight loss goals, health promoting behaviors and having a positive relationship with food. It is either hard-core "health" (not actually healthy!) or not paying attention to weight at all. It is important when wanting to reach your "happy" weight that you have realistic goals and are not focusing solely on the weight.

What this means is that if we only focus on the number on the scale, it can create a stressful relationship with food, weight and your body. While I focus on principles of mindful eating and what we CAN control with my clients, many of them do achieve weight loss while experiencing food freedom. I do discuss weight with my clients and discuss with them how their metabolism works, set point weight theory, their daily behaviors and how weight can fluctuate. Taking this into consideration- we do not measure success solely on the number on the scale AND we also can work together to help them reach a weight where they feel strong, energized, confident and satisfied ("happy" weight)!

So CAN you achieve food freedom with weight loss?

Absolutely! This is not possible over night and takes understanding where you are and where you want to be.

It is also important to understand that reaching a certain number on the scale will not solve all of your problems or bring you happiness all of the time. We will still experience emotions (both good and bad), still experience social events and insecurities- this means we NEED to have a positive relationship with food and develop the skills to navigate these situations.

I work with my clients to practice mindful eating, find food freedom AND reach their goals! Send me an email or apply for my Food & You Renew here! I would love to help you achieve food freedom and feel your best!

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