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A Dietitian's Top 10 Trader Joe's Items for Summer 2022

Trader Joe's is known for their seasonal products and their "get them while you can" food selection. Summertime is no exception. There is something about Trader Joe's that makes you feel all of their products are just better. They do offer an array of unique products and roaming the aisles during seasonal changes is one of the best parts of the Trader Joe's shopping experience- "what am I going to stumble upon next!?". These products are perfect to fit into a tasty and healthy summertime diet. Whether looking to expand your foodie palate, lose weight or just feel your best and nourish yourself- these are all great to incorporate into your summer season.

Below are my top 10 Trader Joe's products for Summer 2022.

  1. Gone Bananas! Okay, these have been around for FOREVER- but I love them for a summertime treat. I have had these after a hot pool day with a little bit of nut butter on top. These sound so simple (banana and dark chocolate) but trust me when I say these are amazing. We LOVE sneaking in extra fruit and veggies- this is a way to add bananas to your sweet treats. The strawberry ones are a yummy treat too- but I prefer the banana one.

2. Carrot Ginger Miso Dressing: Talk about summertime salads. Salads are SO refreshing for the summer and this will be the perfect addition. This is a vegan dressing (no cheese mixed in!) and would work well on Asian inspired bowls as well or lettuce wraps. Carrots are the first ingredient on the label too (meaning the biggest volume of ingredients in the bottle). Additionally- 0 grams added sugar.

3. Mini Cucumbers: I am not a huge cucumber girlie to begin with but I do love a good crunch- and boy do these have a crunch! I am OBSESSED with these. I have been pairing them with tomatoes for a lettuce free salad. They are also great for pickling or dipping in a Greek Yogurt dip (high protein snack!), hummus or cream cheese. If you are a cucumber fan or not- you are sure to love these.

4. Goddess Dressing: I debated putting two salad dressings on this list BUT I could not resist! This one is very refreshing as well. I love this on a big leafy green salad. It would pair well with plain veggie or a grain & greens bowl. This has sesame and tahini in it to give it a unique flavor.

5. Cashew Butter Cashews: I LOVED the almond butter almonds- these cashews are very yummy and have a great texture component to it. These are slightly sweeter than the almond butter almonds. These would pair well with dark chocolate or go well for a sweet crunch on a bowl of oatmeal.

6. Dill Pickle Falafel: These are nutrition PACKED! For 10 of these (amazing serving portion) there is 7 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein- protein, fat and fiber right here. I would pair with some sort of dip (they are a little dry alone) and have a hint of dill pickle taste.

7. Avocado Tzatziki Dip: bright and creamy- this Mediterranean dip is amazing for summer and great for a pool side snack. I love this paired with avocado toast, in my sandwiches or wraps, on bowls or salads or with veggies/crackers. If you love a traditional tzatziki- take a chance on this avocado version.

8. Olive Tapenade WITH Mediterranean Hummus: I am OBSESSED with this combo! There is no hummus that compares to the Mediterranean Hummus from Trader Joe's. Put on a pita chip with a dollop of the olive tapenade- even a sprinkle of feta for a perfect flavor punch. Trust me with this combination.

9. Tomato Feta Soup: Soup is not a typical summer treat. This soup called out to me because tomato soup is always in season but this one has feta which means it has to be even better! This has a little bit of tomato chunks in it (not completely liquified) and would pair well with a Greek salad or sourdough toast. The feta is present but by no means overwhelming- a perfect hint of feta.

10. Seltzer Water flavored with Cranberry & Lime Juice: if you are trying to reduce your alcohol intake this summer- flavorful seltzer waters are a great option. I had these on our Fourth of July Picnic instead of alcoholic seltzers and they kept my cool AND hydrated. If you are looking for a low-sugar mixer- this is a great option to pair with fresh fruit juice, seltzer and tequila or vodka.

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