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my nutrition philosophy & practice

my goal as a registered dietitian

I completed my bachelors and a masters of science in nutrition at The University of Alabama.

I believe all foods (and drinks) fit and food is fuel but also an important part of our social relationships and culture! 🍸🥗🫐I help women reinvent their relationships with food and how they view their eating habits from a health perspective.

I believe every woman has the right to be confident and that having a balanced relationship with food can be so freeing👏🏻

I focus on small, behavioral changes with my clients to improve their metabolic function, simplify healthy eating and help them reach their nutrition and weight goals if desired! We ALL deserve to feel our best, be confident and NOT stress 24/7 about food. I believe just because you may want to lose weight or change your eating habits does not mean you “hate” your body or cannot be body positive/empowered.

My favorite type of food is Greek or Mediterranean 🧆, my favorite vegetable is crispy Brussel sprouts and my favorite drink is a Kettle One dirty martini with blue cheese olives 🫒 or red wine🍷

During the day I work with people with eating disorder and practicing mindfulness AND I opened up my own LLC to establish a nutrition coaching program to help busy women who have struggled with dieting for YEARS revamp their relationship with food, their bodies AND reach their goals! We all have our unique shapes and needs and that’s what makes us special. I help them get power over food, increase mindfulness and understand how their body works.

Let's get connected and start your journey NOW!

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